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My name is Stephan Mack and I am president of an extremely passionate team known as OneSketch. Established in 2008, OneSketch is a unique web development and social networking platform that presents individuals and businesses with an unprecedented freedom to express their ideas and connect with others in a built-in and ever-expanding social community. With OneSketch, users with no programming experience, can quickly create and maintain a professional looking web site at a low cost.

Though web site development is not a new concept, it has traditionally been accomplished through the use of expensive software packages or outsourcing to a web site development firm. Cheaper, online alternatives have failed to bridge the gap between professional web development and non-technical users. They also lock users into top-down template designs, and are largely unintuitive. Onesketch fills the need of 56% of small businesses that do not yet have a web site, with software that, quite simply, just works.

With OneSketch, what a user creates is the same as what their visitors see since everything they create is interpreted through the same web browser. Businesses save time by using OneSketch to manage their marketing efforts in social media. We also assist businesses in growing their leads by connecting them with potential customers and providing the interface to close the sale.

OneSketch’s business model includes several diverse revenue streams, from selling domain names to offering businesses premium subscription services and affiliate product referrals. Advertising sales also make up a portion of OneSketch’s revenue.

OneSketch is seeking an $800,000 equity investment to assist us in technology and personnel costs, and to further market our services. Our plan provides details on how you can receive a quadruple return on your investment in only 4 years. But you’ll need to contact us to hear the whole story.

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